Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Love-ly Snack!

Celebrate Valentine's Day or surprise your loved one with heart-shaped toast!

 Materials:  Sliced bread, strawberry cream cheese, sprinkles, butter knife, heart-shaped cookie cutter, toaster (optional)
 Give each child a slice of bread. They may toast it, if they want. Encourage them to place the cookie cutter on top of the bread and gently press down.
 Gently remove the cookie cutter and reveal the new shape of your bread.  Discard the remaining pieces.
Encourage your child/ren to gently spread some strawberry cream cheese onto their heart.

 Add a bit of sprinkles on top.  If you do not want children putting their fingers into the sprinkle bowl, you may either scoop some onto their plate and they can sprinkle it on or you may put the sprinkles into a shaker and they may shake them on.
If you are having a Valentine's Party, serve these with some strawberry milk and fresh strawberries. Yum!

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