Friday, January 4, 2013

P is for Penguins!

Practice beginning sounds with this positively perfect penguin activity! Reinforce the letter P and it's sound in this cut and color activity by encouraging your little ones to color the penguins pink and purple and then gluing them to the letter P.

 Materials:  Penguin Manipulatives sheet, white construction paper, scissors, pink & purple crayons, glue stick.

 Draw a large letter P on the construction paper.  Make sure that it is wide enough to fit penguins inside the lines of the P.
 Let your child/ren color the penguins pink and purple.  Focus on the beginning sounds of Penguins, purple, and pink. 
 Your child can choose to use all one color or use both.  If you also want to add another dimension to this activity, encourage your little ones to color an even amount of pink and purple penguins and practice some p-p-patterning!

P is for pretty pink and purple AB patterned penguins!

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