Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hugs and Kisses! Valentines/Placemats

 Materials:  2 different colors construction paper, print out of x's and o's , ribbon, scissors, glue stick, Sharpie
 Make a print out of the letters X and O in various fonts.  Explain to children that the X looks like the crossing of your arms when you hug and the O looks like the shape your mouth makes when you give a kiss.
 Cut out all the letters and place in a bowl.
 Program a piece of construction paper with the phrase, "Hugs and Kisses!" or whatever else you want your valentine to say.
 Glue Xs and Os onto the paper.  Encourage children to not cover the writing on the paper.
 Turn paper over and add glue all around.
 Glue onto a larger piece of construction paper so that it makes a border.
 Cut off excess construction paper so that it is even on all sides.
 Glue ribbon all around the border of the smaller paper.
Laminate your valentine and you could use it as a place mat for your Valentine's Party!

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