Friday, January 11, 2013

Broken Heart Name Puzzle

Practice name recognition with this heart themed activity!  After making these heart-shaped puzzles, your children will have plenty of fun and practice putting their name together.

 Materials:  Red construction paper, Ziplock bags, Sharpie, scissors, Contact paper or laminator.
 Draw a large heart onto the construction paper.  It does not need to be perfect, just look at mine!  But if you do want perfection, there are plenty of patterns you can find online.
 Cut out your heart/s.
 Write child's name in big letters across the heart.  You may write in all capital letters or lowercase, however you choose.
 Cut heart into zig-zag peices.  You can cut between each letter or group of letters. However, do not cut through a letter because that would be confusing for the child to recognize.
 Cover each piece, front and back, with contact paper or laminate.
 Cut out, leaving a little bit of an edge.
 Write each child's name onto a plastic sandwich bag.
 Place broken heart pieces into appropriate bag. You may put them in your literacy center and invite children to find their name and try to put together their broken heart.

Children may use the name on their bag to help them spell their name and put their broken heart back together!

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