Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hand-picked Valentines

Practice fine-motor skills by making your own Valentines!

 Materials:  Plastic sandwich bags, pink construction paper, white paper, Sweethearts candies, scalloped scissors, glue stick, pink pen (or printer), tongs(optional)
 Write or type this poem onto a piece of white paper.
 Cut the poem out using your choice of scalloped scissors.
 Glue the poem onto a piece of pink construction paper.
 Cut out poem leaving a small border all around.
 Children may pour desired amount of candies into a plastic bag.  For added fine motor skill practice, child/ren may use tongs to transfer candies from a bowl into the bag.
 You may then place the poem inside the bag along with the candy or...
You may staple it to the outside of the bag.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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