Thursday, January 3, 2013

Penguin Manipulatives

These penguin manipulatives can be used for a variety of different purposes!  They may be used in pretend play with the snow dough in my previous post, as counters, or incorporated into a literacy activity for beginning sounds like I will be doing tomorrow.  In this post I use contact paper to cover them and make them sturdy and re-usable for dramatic play purposes.  You may also laminate them if you have a laminating machine available to you.  If you laminate them, I would suggest you first back them with posterboard or cardstock so that they don't curl up. 

 Materials:  Contact paper, Penguin manipulatives print-out, scissors.
Here is the penguin print-out I used from Mailbox Magazine.

 Cut out penguins.
 Cut out a strip of contact paper.
 Take the backing off of the contact paper
 Cut out a piece of contact paper that will be big enough to place a penguin and fold some over to cover the penguin.
 Cut off excess contact paper.
 I used the penguins as a tool for imaginative play with the "snow" dough I made in my previous post.  Check my post tomorrow for more ways to use the penguin manipulatives.

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