Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ice Fishing

Looking for something different to fill your sensory tub with during a unit on Penguins or Winter Animals?  In this activity your little ones can pretend to be penguins and go "ice" fishing for thier food!  Just fill your sensory tub with packing peanuts (ice) and foam fish (penguin food) and encourage your little penguins to start fishing!

 Materials:  Sensory tub (or box), packing peanuts, foam sheets, tongs, scissors, sharpie
 Draw a fish shape on the upper left hand corner of a foam sheet. 
 Fold foam sheet in half.
 Fold in half one more time.
 Cut out fish shape.
 You should have four fish.  Cut out as many as you please.  Of course, the more children you have the more fish you should cut.
 You may also decorate them if you please.  If you want the search to be more difficult, cut fish out of white foam sheets.
 Hide the fish under the "ice".
 Make sure they are well hidden.
 Invite children to the center to go "ice fishing".  Provide each child with tongs. Using tongs is not only fun for them, it also strengthens their fine-motor skills.
 Children try finding fish using their tongs. You can give them a net or other container to set their fish in and then have them count how many fish they have found.
You can also program the fish with numbers, letters, or whatever you are practicing.
 If you have programmed fish with letters and numbers, children can categorize them accordingly and then put them in order.  Happy Fishing!!

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