Monday, December 17, 2012

Bagel Bird Feeder

Your child/ren can help feed the birds and squirrels during the winter by making these special bird feeders!  Explain to your child/ren that sometimes animals have a hard time finding food in the winter time. This statement rings more true in certain parts of the world vs. others, but it's a fun project to do never now what creature will come nibbling on your creation!

 Materials: Bagels, Peanut Butter, Birdseed, butterknife, plate, string.
 Each child may get half of a bagel.  You may also use whole day old donuts instead.
 Let child spread peanut butter onto the bagel.  It might not look so uniform when they do it, but it's good to let them try.  You can either finish the spreading or leave it as is.

 Let your child sprinkle the bird seed onto the peanut butter.  Cover  all the peanut butter with birdseed.
 Pat it down to make sure it has adhered to the peanut butter.

 Cut a long peice of string.  I just used leftover string that was used to tie down our christmas tree.  I like to recycle products as much as I can:)
 Thread the string through the bagel.  Depending on the ability of the child, the adult might have to do this part.

 Thread through the string and then tie a knot.  Now it is ready to hang!!

 My wonderful fiance helped me hang it on a branch right outside our house.  You might want to have a step stool handy in case the branches on your nearest tree are too high.

If possible, try to pick a tree that is visible from your classroom or home window so that your child/ren can better observe if any wildlife have come to visit.

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