Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hungry Bear Snack Mix

If you are doing a thematic unit on bears this winter this "cooking" activity would fit right in!  Explain to your child/ren that bears eat a lot of food before they hibernate for the winter months.  A bear's diet might include fish, nuts, fruit, and honey.  (If you want to delve even deeper, you can research various types of bears and the specific food they eat.)  After studying bear's diets invite your youngsters to make this delicious snack that will have them licking their paws!

 Materials: Honeycomb cereal, dried apples, shelled sunflower seeds, pretzel goldfish crackers, cheddar goldfish crackers, snack size Ziploc bags (I used sandwich size bags, but I think the smaller snack size would be a better size if you have a large class.)
 Set out each ingredient in seperate bowls. One spoon for each bowl.
 Invite each child to take one spoonful and place it in their baggy.
 You may also print out some of these pictures or take your own pictures to use as direction cards that you can label and set out for children to look at and proceed on their own. (Picture cards can also be a good tool to use for children with special needs.)

The children may enjoy their snack while you read them a cool book about bears! (Some of my favorite books about bears:  Sleepy Bears by Mem Fox, Copy Me Copy Cub by Richard Edwards and Susan Winter, and Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming.)

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