Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pizza, Gooey Pizza!

Young children LOVE songs!  The younger the class I had the more I had to sing.  When I was teaching in the two year old classroom, I felt like I was living a musical.  Some teachers and parents try to steer clear of singing because they believe that their voice is absolutely horrible, but let me tell you, young children DO NOT CARE!  There have only been a few instances while working at the preschool where I have had children actually cover their ears while I sang, but that is okay because the other 15 loved my songs. Singing is such a special way for children to learn literacy skills as well as musicality.  No matter what you sound like, do yourself and your kids a favor and sing a little bit throughout the day.

 I was helping out with a Special Needs class today at the junior high, and this little girl with Down's Syndrome wanted to sing Silent Night.  The teacher told us that we could go out into the courtyard and sing as to not disturb the other classes.  We went out there and she sang her heart out.  She may have not pronounced all the words correctly and her tone was nowhere near perfect, but she was happy to do it. Her singing also brought a smile to the other middle schoolers faces as they were passing by to go to their classes.  It kind of reminded me of that quote from the movie Elf with Will Ferrell..."The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." That is what inspired me for today's blog post.

 However, this song I will teach you is not about is about pizza! My favorite!  I would usually sing this song during cooking month when we would make pizza, or community helpers week when we would have a pizza delivered to our classroom by the Pizza Delivery wo/man.  One of my favorite books about pizza is Pete's a Pizza by William Steig where a father tries to make his son Pete feel better by pretending to make him into a pizza!

I have posted a video of myself singing the song below, and the words to the song will be underneath it.  It took my fiance and I about 15 takes before he was able to film it without laughing...but believe me, it is much easier to sing in from of young children.  They will not judge you.

Lyrics:   First you take the sauce and you spread it, you spread it.  (Pantomime spreading sauce.)

             Chorus:(sing twice after each verse) Pizza, gooey pizza, with cheese! (Pat legs for six counts; throw  hands upward)

            Then you take the cheese and you shred it, you shred it.  (Pantomime shredding cheese.)

            Then you have to wait while you bake, you bake it.  (Cross arms and tap foot.)

            Then you take it out and you eat it, you eat it.  (Pantomime eating pizza.)

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