Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Daily News

If you have been around young children at all, you know that they LOVE to share information with you! What better way to share than with a Daily News board. I have done this as a teacher in my classroom, but it can also be done at home with your child.  In the classroom setting you can either get each child's dictation as they walk in to the room or, call them to you one by one sometime througout the day. Basically, you just ask the child if there is anything they want to share and you write it on a piece of chart paper or posterboard.  Then, during your circle time you share out the "Daily News".  This can be done with all the kids sharing their news or picking out a few children each day, depending on how many children you have in your class.  If you would like to do this at home, you can either write down anything your child wants to share or funny things they might have said throught the day in a notebook or on a poster board and share them with your significant other when they come home at the end of the day.

I just used a piece of fingerpaint paper because that is what I had available and some Sharpies. I used different colored Sharpies so young children who are still learning to read can distinguish between each other's quotes.
I always like to underline the heading, again to help distinquish that it is seperate from their quotes.
I wrote their names here however, if time allows and the children are able, they may try to write their own name.  If they are able to write sentences then let them write their own dictations.  Also, if you want to conserve paper, you can make a laminated posterboard and write the dictations daily with a dry-erase marker. If you are doing this at home you may frame the Daily News and write on the glass; dry erase markers wipe right off:)

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