Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jiggley Jelly Letters

 Materials:  Sliced sandwich bread, squeezable jelly, plate, toaster (optional)
 Toasting the bread is optional.  I did not toast mine.  You can also spread peanut butter before you add the jelly if you desire. 
 If you will be doing this with a class of older children, having a few bottles of jelly would be more convenient.  I bought this jelly at the 99 cent store so that would be cost efficient if you want to do it with a large class. 
 Children or adults can then practice alphabet recognition by writing their favorite letter using the squeezable jelly.

  Literacy Connection:  Read the book Jamberry by Bruce Degan before or after this activity. Children will enjoy the rhyming in this book about a boy and a bear on their search for berries to make jam!

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