Friday, December 14, 2012

Snowman Bagels

Guide your child/ren to make these tasty snowmen out of bagels!! I used mini bagels but you may use large ones if you like.

 Materials: Mini bagels, Laughing Cow cheese wedges, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, crunchy cheetos, plastic knife.
 Split bagel in half.

 Spread cheese. (You may also use cream cheese.)
 Apply chocolate chips for eyes, (You may also use raisins.)
 A crunchy cheeto nose,
 And 2 pretzel sticks for arms.
Voila!! You have a tasty snowperson treat! (You can also put 3 chocolate chips or raisins vertically on the bottom bagel, between the two arms, to represent buttons.  I just thought of that:/) Oooh, just had another idea, you can also add a skinny red vine candy for the mouth! I wish I would have that of these ideas when I was making it!! I'm sure you all have some ideas to add on or do differently with your edible snowman and that's great.  Be creative!!

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