Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grocery Name Collage

Practice letter and name recognition with this grocery-themed activity!

 Materials: Paper grocery bag, grocery store circulars, scissors, glue stick.

Cut front and back panels of paper grocery bag. Only one panel will be used per child.  I turned bag on the side that had no writing.
 Depending on time and/or the abilities of your child/ren, you may either pre-cut the letters in their name, give them random precut letters and let them find the letters to spell their name, look through the circulars and find their letter names together and you cut them out, or they may look through the circulars on their own and cut out their own letters.  If the children will be cutting out their own letters, give them scissors that they may easily manipulate. (Ex. Give them child-size scissors instead of the large pair that I have pictured.)

 Once the letters have been cut out, let your child glue the letters of their name in the appropriate order in the center of the paper bag.

 In the next step, the children look through the circulars and cut out their favorite food. Or you may pre-cut food out of the circulars, display them and have children pick from your pile.
 Once they have cut out all their favorite food, they may then proceed to glue all the food onto the paper bag  around their name.  I am using a small-size glue stick, but there are also chubbier glue sticks available that might be easier for little hands or children with special needs to manipulate.

If you are doing this activity as a classroom, you may display these on a board titled
"We Are What We Eat!"

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