Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Penguin Positional Words!

Make snack-time fun AND educational by using goldfish crackers to practice positional words! Let your child/ren color a penquin coloring sheet and then practice using positional words to place the goldfish crackers on to the penquin accordingly.  Any coloring sheet with a single, fairly large penguin would work, however, I will also post the one I used.  After children are finished with this activity they can enjoy their goldfish snack!

Materials: Penguin coloring sheet, goldfish crackers, crayons or markers.


This is the actual coloring sheet I used.  You should be able to right click and somehow print it. If not, I'm sure if you Google "penguin coloring sheet" something should show up!

 Here is the finished coloring sheet.  As you could tell, I colored this.  Remember, it is not important for young children to stay in the lines and color everything the "right" color.  If they want to make the penquin be it!  The color of penguins is not the focus of this activity.  Forcing these types rules onto young children will only discourage them from doing the activity. Instead just lead them to do "their best work".
 After they have finished coloring you can then give them the directions using the positional words. 
Ex. "Place a fish ON the penguin's tummy."
 "Place a fish ABOVE the penguin's head."
 "Place a fish BESIDE the penquin's flipper."
 "Place a fish BELOW the penquin's foot."
 "Place a fish NEXT to the penguin's beak."
As you can see I capitalized the positional words.  Try to emphasize them when you are giving the directions.  Also, you might want to review the penguin's body parts before you give the directions to make sure they all know what a beak, flipper, etc. are.


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