Monday, December 10, 2012

Cheesy Alphabet, Number, and Shape Recognition!

I am super excited to finally write my first blog post!!  Hang in there with me, for blogging is a new venture for me and I am learning as well! My first preschool fun learning idea is super combines learning with food!!  If there is anything you will learn about me is that I love food.  I think it makes learning fun and, of course, you can tweak anything you see on here to try to make it healthier or to suit your needs.  However, I don't think there is anything wrong with eating a "naughty" snack every once in a while.  The Greek saying "Pan Metron Ariston" which means "Everything in Moderation" is a motto I live by.:):) Anyhow, you only need two items:  spray cheese such as Cheese Whiz and crackers.  I just used some crackers I had at home, but you can use anything from Triscuits to Saltines.  Anyhow, while you are having snack with your children all you do is write the letter, number, shape you want to review onto the cracker.  You can even put letters together to make names/words or do addition or subtraction problems!

 I bought the store brand because it was cheaper, but it is not as tasty as Cheese Whiz :/
 If your child has very good fine motor skills, they can even try spraying the cheese. However, you will probably need a bigger cracker!
 Ask questions such as: Can you tell me what this letter is?  Does it have straight lines or curvy lines? Or you can write out letters in their names and have them put them in order to spell their name. 

I gave these crackers to my fiance<3

Have fun and always remember to KEEP learning fun! Never be forceful about getting the right answer or doing something the RIGHT way.  We want to foster an excitement for learning, not a fear or disdain towards it:)

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