Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paper Bag Penguin

Materials: Black construction paper, orange construction paper, paper bag, glue stick, scissors, google eyes or paper hole reinforcers, stapler, pencil, old paper or tissue
To make the head of the penguin draw a halve oval on a piece of black paper.  Depending on the ability of the child you can cut out all the pieces or you can just trace them and let them cut them out.
The head should be as wide as the top of the paper bag.
Next, using the paper bag as a measure cut out a long pointy U-shape.  This will become the penguin's flippers.
Cut out two webbed feet from black construction paper.
Cut out an orange triangle "beak" from orange construction paper.
Use old paper to stuff the paper bag. I used some newsprint that came with a package I ordered.  But you may use anything that is somewhat soft like crumbled newspaper or even cotton filling.
I crumble my newsprint. (Children love crumbling paper, definitely let them do this)
Stuff the bag half way.  If you want to use the bag to fill with treats, then instead of paper fill it with the treats at this time.
Staple bag closed.
To make the penguin's face glue on the triangle beak,
Followed by the googly eyes.
Glue the penguins feet to the bottom of the bag.
Glue the flippers on the top of the bag

Glue the penguin's head at the top of the bag, over the flippers.

 Now you have a wobbly penguin pal!
You may use him to play with, decoration, or as a gift bag for a fancy winter treat!

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